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Delaying Tactics and Dolphins


I had no idea getting out of the comfort zone required so much effort. Notice that the things I’ve done for this blog so far – baking cookies, getting a haircut, speeding – are found on the path of least resistance. The opportunities presented themselves and I just plucked them out of the air. I didn’t exactly step out of routine. I had my excuses – “Got no time. Have to take the kids to the dentist.” “Can’t do the blog yet. Have to beat a deadline for work.” “Can’t write! The heat has fried my brain cells to bacon bits.” Right.

Despite my delaying tactics, I’ve gotten as far as week 5. The momentum is once again slowly cranking up. It’s been such a long delay, I’m itching to get back on track as far as this blog is concerned. So come on, subscribe na!

But first, let me share with you what my family and I did just this weekend. Well actually, except for The Hooligan who was deep in the action, we just sat back and watched. It was a group of artists, led by AG Sano, who did all the work. They transformed our wall into a work of art – 150 dolphins under the sea. Check out the video on Facebook here. (The Hooligan is the little person with the yellow hat.) AG and his friends are dolphin lovers, spreading the word through their art that dolphins are not being treated right. In Japan, at least, they are being hacked, killed and sold as whale meat. Why must people do such violent things to other living, helpless creatures?

On to week 6.


Tinatamad Na


I knew it. After only two “tasks” (which weren’t really performed by myself but by a hairstylist and a tattoo artist – all I did was sit there and babble), Supertamad is once again feeling the tug of the couch. This blog is in danger of extinction due to gravity (by which my butt is being pulled down to the recesses of lethargy).

I’ve always had this tendency of starting things and not finishing them. Let me expound. I like things around me to be neat and tidy (but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually are). Once in a while, I become possessed, put all the clutter I can carry into boxes and donate them to the church or my mother, who was a scavenger in a past life. But through the years, it’s become more difficult to manage the clutter – there’s The Hub, whose desk in our house is not really a desk but a bodega; and there are The Hooligan and The T-Rex whose toys and “accessories” I find even in the cats’ food dish. At night, I look at the mountains of stuff closing in on me and I slowly hyperventilate myself into a fetal position while thumbsucking. The next day, you can bet I’d be up early, throwing useless stuff into bags for giving away. But with the mounds of clutter to sort, I soon get tired and lose my steam. When that happens, I just shove the stuff yet to be sorted into closets and other hiding places and then forget about them for the next month or so.

However, because this is a blog devoted to change, I will promise myself to finish it. I originally thought of eating balut for week 3 but just thinking about it made me vomit a little bit in my mouth. So let me see: dead chick, out; climbing a mountain, out for now since my deadline for week 3 is tomorrow; yoga, for week 4.

Hmmm. Let me get back to you tomorrow.