Supertamad (ST) is past the age of lightning-quick metabolism and is now settled nicely in lard. Running after two energetic kids, both under the age of five, has somewhat kept ST’s gluts in check. But the addictive midnight snacks taken after said kids are asleep negate ST’s aerobics during the day.

This blog, however,Β is not about Supertamad’s body issues, or lack thereof. It is about just Supertamad with her merry band of two future Ateneans and a Lassalite (is that what you call them?), and how she wants to keep making life exciting. It may seem beyond pathetic when, to do this, she launches a project to do at least one new thing every week for a year; especially when some of these new things she’s considering are a new haircut and learning how to ice skate.

But that is Supertamad for you – mababaw ang kaligayahan. She loves sinigang na baboy, reading to the two lilliputians, and driving. Among other things.


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  1. I love reading your whatever you call them…….Have you ever considered the idea that the two shorties might want to go to Riverside instead? (my alma mater)

  2. I’m for La Salle as well Ate Cey! hehehehehe… green blood flows through these veins. Just read a couple of entries, and I’m enjoying them! πŸ™‚ Great writing! I need to meet the T-Rex soon!

  3. Hi! your tta Chart is my officemate! consider me your no. 1 fan. more! more! more! pls……how I wish I could meet the two bidas….regards…..

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