Supertamad’s New Home


Yes, you’re in the right place. Welcome! I just thought I’d do some renovations and get everything to look more like me. Don’t worry, I’m still me. Everything – except for the stoic blue headboard – is still here, with additions. I’ve put widgets – or sidebars – to make things more accessible. Now you can look through the past weeks more quickly. You can also do the countdown to Week 52 with me. We’re less than halfway there!

I won’t be changing looks often. In fact, I think I’ll stick with this one. I kinda like it. So take a look around and let me know if you like Supertamad’s new home as much as I do. (Wipe your feet at the door and have some laughs. They’re on the house.)


About Cecile

Welcome! So glad you could stop by. My name is Cecile and I like to write stories, especially if they're true, like the stuff in here. Most of my stories talk about the people most important to me--The Hub, The One with the Toilet Humor, and The Manipulator (I swear, they have normal names in real life). So grab that drink, sit back, and read on; I put up this blog to make life more fun for me, and hopefully for you, as well. Cheers!

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